Thursday, March 21, 2013


 This cupboard was the deepest shame of my kitchen.

Really. It was so bad. I was in a mood to face it though, so I flung open the doors and told the children to take everything out. After the cupboard was empty, I had the kids sort everything by round, square-or-rectangle, or "weird". Then, we put lids on the boxes we were keeping, recycled the boxes with no lids, decided what to donate, and put everything else back in to the cabinet.

So much better.


Rose said...

I keep the lids on my containers when they are in the cabinet too. I know it takes up more space, but I think that is WAY better than having to dog for lids! All you gotta do is grab a tubber from the cabinet and you are good to go!

Thanks for sharing!

Joy Brown said...

Do you think they would come do mine? Lol :)


Geneva said...

I definitely think storing them WITH the lids is the way to go. And Joy - they probably would. They had fun! :)