Saturday, April 27, 2013

Feeling Better (Hallelujah)

He's still a little deaf in the ear that had the ruptured drum, but he was able to go to school all week and had a GREAT time making friends and learning all kinds of new things - all the parts of a worm, bat and spider! How to cook scrambled eggs! All about the parts of a plant! He brought home a backpack full of sweet work (I know I'm not the only parent filled with glee over their little kid's darling handwriting.) on Friday that he was bursting with pride over, and it was wonderful to see. It's going so well for him, and I'm so glad.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Adjusting, Breathing

 Miss V and I are adjusting to the J-bird being gone all day. We're finding our rhythm and getting used to having a girls-only house. We spend a good amount of time together, and we spend a good amount of time each doing our own thing. It works.

It also works that the weather has been gloriously heavenly splendid this week, so my outside loving girl and I have gravitated to the yard (and the sidewalk)

 This time with Miss V is joyful and special and sweet as pie. She's a hilarious little person with a lot to say, and the one-on-one time we're getting is precious.

As for me, I'm experimenting with occasionally sitting still, and I'm planning my next wave of big projects, which is deeply thrilling.

The other day, the J-bird was at school, and Miss V was napping, so I took my Kindle and a cup of coffee out onto the front porch and just enjoyed the sunshine for a while. It was...well, it was quiet. And nice. I breathed and relaxed. Oh, it was lovely.

And then my sweet girl woke up with a smile, and we went to pick up my darling, happy boy, and my arms and heart were full again. That was lovely too.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some Things Around

The decor of my house evolves and changes constantly. I hate to get bored with my environment, but huge renovations are expensive, exhausting, and time consuming and daunting, so sometimes, you end up going eight years with the same *ahem* tan walls and ceilings. Little touches, on the other hand, are the easiest thing in the world to change, and they make such a huge difference. I frequently rearrange the furniture placement in different rooms, and I even more frequently rotate the things I have sitting out when I get bored with looking at them. Because of the constant rotation, I always love finding "new" objects (usually at Goodwill or an antique store or a garage sale) that capture my interest. Since my home is where I spend the majority of my waking life, I like to make it a place that I enjoy being. Every once in a while, I take every single thing I've accrued and pack it away and just savor the blankness for a bit. I like detail and color and weird little items too much though, so out they creep...

And here some of them are:

 A yellow pitcher I found at a local antique store, sitting on a metal doily plate from IKEA.

 An old bottle from a sister city student exchange trip to Japan I took as a teenager, a candy tin from that same local antique store, and some metal keys from this weird little movie museum in Astoria.

Mr. Broccoli and Ms. Strawberry (IKEA).

 Books and photos and a clock I got on eBay and a garage sale tablecloth, all arranged on the back of my beloved childhood piano..

 A framed recipe in my grandma's handwriting, and a ceramic chicken that used to hang in my mom's kitchen. I don't even know why I like that corny chicken, but I DO. I kind of love it.

 A red glass bunny and tiny red glass vase next to the tangle of plants in my kitchen window.

 A big glass jar that holds the rocks I've been collecting from various places since I got married.

There's also a cork in there from one New Year's Eve, and a key from the car I drove in high school and college. :)

 This stack-o-stuff. The boxes originally held gifts from friends, and the birdhouse was a project the kids and I did. The bird was part of Miss V's original baby mobile (since re-done with better birds). I never did blog about that mobile. Maybe I will when we get her big girl bed finished.

 An old hardware store drawer that my mom gave me, filled with fake flowers.

 This cool jar on a windowsill. I think it's still full of stickers from when I potty trained Miss V ;)

And a tiny little hanging vase (from World Market) in my kitchen window with a sweet potato vine cutting from my parents' farm in Kansas.

I think a house reflects the life that's lived inside it. I hope our house reflects joy (and probably potty training stickers. And ceramic chickens.).