Friday, April 26, 2013

Adjusting, Breathing

 Miss V and I are adjusting to the J-bird being gone all day. We're finding our rhythm and getting used to having a girls-only house. We spend a good amount of time together, and we spend a good amount of time each doing our own thing. It works.

It also works that the weather has been gloriously heavenly splendid this week, so my outside loving girl and I have gravitated to the yard (and the sidewalk)

 This time with Miss V is joyful and special and sweet as pie. She's a hilarious little person with a lot to say, and the one-on-one time we're getting is precious.

As for me, I'm experimenting with occasionally sitting still, and I'm planning my next wave of big projects, which is deeply thrilling.

The other day, the J-bird was at school, and Miss V was napping, so I took my Kindle and a cup of coffee out onto the front porch and just enjoyed the sunshine for a while. It was...well, it was quiet. And nice. I breathed and relaxed. Oh, it was lovely.

And then my sweet girl woke up with a smile, and we went to pick up my darling, happy boy, and my arms and heart were full again. That was lovely too.

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