Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dress Up Fairy Princess Tea Party Birthday

 For her party, Miss V requested a "dress up, fairy princess tea party", so...that's what we did. My parents flew in for a hot minute, which was lovely and made a perfectly sparkly weekend of magical, three-year-old-girl approved fun.

 I bought little tutus, fairy wings, and butterfly wands online at Halo Heaven for all the little fairy princess guests. They were displayed on a clothing rack that was handily sitting in my attic (wands in a pink vase from Goodwill).

 Streamers and balloons.

 Our activity was making flower crowns. Fake flowers, some paper covered floral wire stems, ribbon, and adults running glue guns.


And then, we tea partied!

 The J-bird had ZERO interest in being included. He popped down to grab a cupcake and sing "Happy Birthday" and was then very happy to be allowed to go back upstairs to play video games with James.

 Purple cupcakes with pink whipped cream on top. Pink sugar pearls and white chocolate tiaras.

 My girl had a rockin' good time with her friends, and I can't thank MY friends and family enough for making that happen. These moments are sweet and precious, and they go by fast. So long, two. Here we go, three! I love you so much, Miss V. Happy birthday, my darling girl.

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