Monday, April 1, 2013

Hopping On Down The Trail

 Being a mother means, well, it means a lot of things. One of the things it means is being the person who stays up late the night before each holiday, preparing all the special for the next day. I do not mind. In fact, I thrive on it. It does wear me out a little though, when all that special falls in the middle of Birthday Season, and I'm tired anyway. Whatever. Moms push through, and the happy little faces at the crack of dawn make the late nights worth it. Mostly. Mostly worth it.

I'm just being honest here.

Anyway, we had a lovely Easter, full of church and chocolate and Jesus and fancy clothing and egg hunting and smiles and a very long afternoon nap for Mommy. It was glorious, the whole thing. Especially the nap.

 The Easter baskets are always from me. I fill one for each child, and one for James (I've made him one every year since we were married. hehe).

 In our house, the Easter bunny makes a treasure hunt for one big egg (per child). He also leaves paw prints made out of powdered sugar. Miss V tasted the paw prints, which is how we know.


 I like to have the kids coordinate on Easter and Christmas. They don't have match completely,'s a thing. Anyway, Miss V's dress this year was off-white, so the J-bird wore an off-white tie. The J-bird wore a blue shirt, so Miss V wore a blue flower in her hair. The J-bird wore his black suit pants, so Miss V wore her black sparkly shoes. Like that. They looked so sweet. I've given up on trying to make the J-bird wear dress shoes, because I cannot deal with the pain in my ears from the whining. By the way, I just bought him size 13 sneakers. I'm not sure I can deal with the pain in my heart from the growing. KNOCK IT OFF, KID.

 The J-bird was not willing to pose, but we made him. We don't bribe, either. We are straight-up mean. (not really. But we seriously don't bribe the kids.)

 And then we went to church

 On Easter morning, our church does a thing called "Flower Communion", where we add flowers to a cross. It's very sweet.

 This is Miss V's friend, Sydney. She is ten years old, and Miss V loves her very, very, very, very, veryveryveryvery much.

 Our pastor.

 Apparently, this is the J-bird's prayer face. He is deeply spiritual. I've never been more proud.

 After church, there was an Easter egg hunt. It was approximately five minutes of hysterical fun.

After church, we went home and had lunch (roast beef, sweet potato, and roasted broccoli), and then Miss V and I took naps, while the J-bird took a quiet time and James watched a movie. All was quiet. It was just lovely.

I hope your day was wonderful too, whether you are an Easter person, or not.

And now, on to Miss V's birthday. And then James's birthday. And then my birthday. ARE WE THERE YET?!  ;)

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Kate O. said...

I enjoy this post so much. J's prayin' face is the best. Happy Easter to you!