Tuesday, April 23, 2013

James's Birthday Weekend

 We had big plans for James's birthday weekend - sushi with friends, putt putt after dark with Amy (kids at home with a babysitter), a foodie day in Portland...and then our poor J-bird's eardrum randomly ruptured, and James and I just couldn't fathom leaving him without at least one of us, so we switched gears and re-routed, and made a new plan.

On Friday evening, I stayed home with the J-bird, while James and Miss V went to sushi with the Beckers. They all had a blast (Miss V discovered a passion for tempura shrimp), and then everyone came back to the house for ice cream and cookies and a movie.

On Saturday, James's actual birthday, we'd planned to pile the four of us into the car and have a foodie adventure in Portland, but the J-bird's poor ear made him really dizzy, so riding in the car was a no-go (baaaaaarf). Miss V and I went into the city and picked a few things up, while the boys camped at home. We had a GREAT time, we girls, and then we had a really nice, low-key evening all together.

It's always disappointing to see carefully made plans have to change, and I so wanted James's birthday to be perfect, but a sick little boy is a sick little boy, and this little boy was VERY SICK. Luckily, my sweet James never thought twice about it and was thrilled to see what we could come up with to do instead. I sure do love that guy.

And now, for the few weeks between our birthdays, I get to call him an old man, and he gets to tell me to "respect my elders" (which makes me laugh and laugh). Of course, come May 10, we'll be the same age again, and the joke'll be on HIM...or on me. I haven't figured that one out yet.

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