Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some Things Around

The decor of my house evolves and changes constantly. I hate to get bored with my environment, but huge renovations are expensive, exhausting, and time consuming and daunting, so sometimes, you end up going eight years with the same *ahem* tan walls and ceilings. Little touches, on the other hand, are the easiest thing in the world to change, and they make such a huge difference. I frequently rearrange the furniture placement in different rooms, and I even more frequently rotate the things I have sitting out when I get bored with looking at them. Because of the constant rotation, I always love finding "new" objects (usually at Goodwill or an antique store or a garage sale) that capture my interest. Since my home is where I spend the majority of my waking life, I like to make it a place that I enjoy being. Every once in a while, I take every single thing I've accrued and pack it away and just savor the blankness for a bit. I like detail and color and weird little items too much though, so out they creep...

And here some of them are:

 A yellow pitcher I found at a local antique store, sitting on a metal doily plate from IKEA.

 An old bottle from a sister city student exchange trip to Japan I took as a teenager, a candy tin from that same local antique store, and some metal keys from this weird little movie museum in Astoria.

Mr. Broccoli and Ms. Strawberry (IKEA).

 Books and photos and a clock I got on eBay and a garage sale tablecloth, all arranged on the back of my beloved childhood piano..

 A framed recipe in my grandma's handwriting, and a ceramic chicken that used to hang in my mom's kitchen. I don't even know why I like that corny chicken, but I DO. I kind of love it.

 A red glass bunny and tiny red glass vase next to the tangle of plants in my kitchen window.

 A big glass jar that holds the rocks I've been collecting from various places since I got married.

There's also a cork in there from one New Year's Eve, and a key from the car I drove in high school and college. :)

 This stack-o-stuff. The boxes originally held gifts from friends, and the birdhouse was a project the kids and I did. The bird was part of Miss V's original baby mobile (since re-done with better birds). I never did blog about that mobile. Maybe I will when we get her big girl bed finished.

 An old hardware store drawer that my mom gave me, filled with fake flowers.

 This cool jar on a windowsill. I think it's still full of stickers from when I potty trained Miss V ;)

And a tiny little hanging vase (from World Market) in my kitchen window with a sweet potato vine cutting from my parents' farm in Kansas.

I think a house reflects the life that's lived inside it. I hope our house reflects joy (and probably potty training stickers. And ceramic chickens.).