Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beautiful Clover, Etc

 As a favor to me, Bailey (the kids' babysitter/surrogate big sister) is letting me practice taking photos by posing for senior pictures throughout the year. I am just a hobby photographer, and I am well aware of it. That's why I like to practice and try to improve. I shoot and shoot and shoot and then analyze what I got and go try again. I've been quietly doing that since I was in junior high school, because it's fun. My kids get very, very tired of constantly being my "models" though, so it's nice when other people agree to let me experiment on them (hehe). In this case, I get to work on my photo fundamentals, and Bailey will end up with some (theoretically) decent photos. Win-win. It's Springtime 'round these parts, and everything is coming up lovely, so we went out again this week. Because they are my children, and I can still make them, I dressed the kids in something nice and had them run around and smile once I had finished shooting pictures of Bailey in each location. We had a blast trying to catch the sun in between clouds and little bursts of Spring rain. It made getting the correct camera settings an interesting challenge, but I suppose that's the point. :)

(click the photos to view them larger)

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