Sunday, May 12, 2013

Every Day

Better writers than I am will publish eloquent tomes on motherhood today, and of course there's a lot to be said from every angle. I love being a mother. It is challenging and rewarding and wonderful and sometimes terrifying. I wouldn't choose to do anything else with my life right now. I ached to be a mother when I was struggling to become one, and now that I have two children, I know how lucky I am. Even on my most difficult day, I don't want to complain. This is my life. I'm breathing it in, and I'm grateful for it. I'm also very thankful to my own mother for all the snotty noses she wiped, all the diapers she washed, laundry she folded, jeans she patched, sass she corrected, rolled eyes she tolerated, and hopes she held in her heart.

None of us is perfect, but I like to hope we all do our best. These children show up so fragile and amazing, and we are just allowed to keep them, as if the people in charge have no idea who we are and how that one time, in college, we tried co-owning a dog with a roommate, and it totally did not work out, so how could anyone possibly think we could handle a child?!?!

I digress.

We do our best every day to teach manners and kindness and loving attitudes. We do that while attempting to have all those things ourselves, while also wiping said snotty noses and digging out from under mountains of ever accumulating laundry as small people holler from the bathroom that they need other things to be wiped right now (and then run laughing down the hallway half naked) and then unstopping inexplicably filled bathroom sinks before driving small people to all their many activities and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning the schmutz that covers everything at a waist high level and packing lunches and finding overdue library books and taking 14 photos of alphabet block towers and re-reading "Where The Wild Things Are" and trying to take that advice about treasuring-every-second-because-they-go-by-so-fast, even when some of them are crawling by like snails.

And I love it. I do. Even the schmutz and the snotty noses and having to stay up late to catch a moment to myself, but most especially all the book reading and alphabet block towers. And I don't really need a whole day to honor me for it, even though I appreciate the thought. Because, to me, the experience of it IS the reward. I'm getting what I wanted when I signed on.

So...I guess what I meant to say is thank you, Mom, for everything.

Thank you, Sharrel, for raising my James.

Thank you, James, for giving me the J-bird and Miss V.

And thank you, J-bird and Miss V, for every day.

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