Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First Tooth In, First Tooth Out

The J-bird's little tooth has been loose for a looooooooong time - getting looser and looser by the day. He showed it to me the other night, and it was so loose, that I told him I could just pull it for him, if he'd let me. He sat on my lap, and we took turns wiggling it, until it was just about ready to come out. I told him this would be the very last pull, and he leaned back and asked me with questioning eyes if the Tooth Fairy is really real.

"What do YOU think?" I asked.

He thought about it for a second, and then answered, "Yes."

"Alright then." said I. "Let's do it."

 And out it came! There were no tears, and he was very proud of how brave he'd been.

Look how little!

And it's the first one that grew in when he was tiny. First in, first out.

We put the tooth in the little monster pillow I made for the Tooth Fairy.

 My gap-toothed wonder was very, very excited to find the perfect spot to put it before he went to sleep.

The next morning, right at the crack of dawn, a thrilled little boy came bouncing into my room to hurriedly apologize for waking me and then show me the golden dollar coin, blue glitter, and tiny note from the Tooth Fairy that said:

Dearest Jimmy,
Congratulations on losing your very first tooth! Thank you for leaving it under your pillow for me. I've taken it away to my castle - I've got the perfect spot for it! I'm so pleased to leave you this gold coin in its place. I normally only leave a quarter, but a first tooth is special. Be sure to keep brushing - I do love nice, clean teeth. See you again soon!

Lots of Love, the Tooth Fairy

He read and re-read the note to anyone who would listen (most especially his enraptured sister), and seeing him wrapped up in the magic made the early wake-up call completely worth it. Man, do I love this kid. And his one-tooth-less smile.

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