Friday, May 3, 2013

Laundry Hallway Hamper Wall of Power

The hallway leading to our laundry room is narrow, and I've tried several kinds of laundry hampers there, this three-section one being the latest:
Isn't THAT just a vision? 

The problem (other than my horrifying skill at laundry procrastination) is that laundry hampers take up half the hallway. The door to the kids' bathroom is in that hall, so we need to be able to walk down it, I have to vacuum around the blasted just interrupts the flow. I've always wanted to figure out something better, and I think I've finally got it.

 I hung a board on the wall, anchored into every possible stud. I attached six hooks to the board and used the hanging canvas bags from the divided hamper I already had and just hung them up on the wall. They can be hung closed, like this,

 Or open, like this. Let's be honest - they'll usually be open. The J-bird is really into comic books lately, so I went graphic with the painting (latex, acrylic, and marker on particle board) and with the little label boards over the hamper bags for whites, towels, and clothes.

 All the floor space in the hallway is freed up now, and I'm deeply thrilled with how it turned out. Plus, it only ended up costing about $14, which pleases my cheap, shiny little soul. I purchased the board and hooks, re-used the hamper bags, got the particle board for the painting for free, and used leftover wood from my bathroom board wall for the label boards. I do love re-using and re-purposing :)

Next project: Miss V's BIG GIRL BED

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Definitely going to do this for my kids. Thanks for sharing this!