Thursday, May 23, 2013

Puppy Power

 Jumping into school just six weeks before the end of the year has been a little intimidating, if I'm being honest. We're learning everything as fast as we can - Montessori culture, how to be apart all day, everything - and I think we're doing alright, though I'm sure we've (I've) fumbled once or twice. Having these six weeks to acclimate before diving in next Fall has been invaluable though - well worth any awkward Mommy stumbles or missteps. The teachers at the school have been really helpful and kind, and I've met some truly lovely parents who have helped me navigate and learn the ropes. Above all, the J-bird is LOVING his school experience. He adores his teacher, and he's making friends and learning a lot. James and I feel like this school is the right place for our little dude.

The other night, our J-bird got to participate in the end-of-year program, and boy howdy, was it ever adorable. It was a play that the children had written themselves, called "Puppy Power". It featured all the kids in the J-bird's class (about 20 children, grades 1-5), two dogs, an original song, and a microphone that was enthusiastically passed around. Seriously. So cute.

 And was he excited?

 Oh, you betcha.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. There will be a picnic (probably inside, considering the resurgent rain) and lots of fun, and then we'll start summer break. Some short trips, Vacation Bible School, day camp, swimming lessons at the pool. School will be imminent though, and that's how it will be for many years to come in the J-bird's life. It's weird how quickly that happened. Those long, sleepless nights of his babyhood stretched on forever, and now, ka-bam! Here we are. I suppose that's what makes summer so sweet though, isn't it? Knowing it will end? So you roll around in it and enjoy every warm, hazy minute free of schedules and books and homework, because you know those things are biding their time, waiting their inexorable turn to carry you along. Turn your head away from that though. To everything a season, and it's time for summer!

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