Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So Happy Together

They have a world of their own now, these two. Oh, they fuss with each other - of course they do - and they get cranky and need us. They aren't babies though. They can go off together and play. They love one another, and they mostly like one another, and they have this world that is just theirs. They take care of each other there. When Miss V tries to run into the street and I'm not quite quick enough, the J-bird automatically stops her. When one of them gets a minor boo boo as they are playing, the other one springs into caretaker action. They have grand adventures in their private world - space voyages, cowboy exploits, tea parties. I spy from the edges, but I can only catch little glimpses, and I don't want to spoil it with my grown-up presence, because it is so sweet and so precious. It's like a soap bubble. Childhood magic. I remember when I had that with my brother, and I smile and hold those memories in my heart. That special world that seems to last forever and only for a moment at the same time.

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