Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh, What A Night

 My very, very dear sisterfriend, Amy retired from public school teaching at the close of this school year. After 17 years of teaching, she is moving into different work, and I'm very excited for her in her thrilling new venture. Amy and her kids are like family, so when her daughter, Bailey approached me about throwing a surprise congratulations party for Amy, I was in. We planned a backyard garden party and got the work underway. Bailey was in charge of inviting Amy's friends from her school, and I was in charge else.

The kids (mine and Amy's) helped me when they were able to, and we got the party up on its feet. Of course, it rained all afternoon the day of the party. And then it HAILED two hours beforehand, collapsing the popup tent I'd borrowed to cover the tables, just in case it "sprinkled a little". I ran outside in the middle of the pounding hail to try to save the tent, unbending the poles and pouring a full canopy of ice water down the back of my shirt.

Some swear words MAY have been uttered. Maybe. I admit nothing.

The clouds miraculously cleared in time though, and the surprise went off without a hitch. My darling friend was delighted, and the party was sweet and fun and special. I've always wanted to give a garden party in my back yard. Now I'll have to have another one. Minus the hail.

 (The J-bird is hiding behind the flowers. He worked on his hiding place for about an hour, debating the perfect placement for jumping out to yell "Suprise!".)

 Because it was a cocktail and dessert party, I had "Back Yard Mojitos" with mint I grew, and "Spiked Strawberry Lemonade", using Hood strawberries from a local stand, pre-made in mason jars with cupcake wrappers over the tops. Bailey helped me fit all the wrappers to the jars, and then we poked holes for the striped paper straws I bought. Perfect. We had a few bottles of beer as well, and then bottles of pop and some regular lemonade (My children were there, as were Amy's, along with a couple of other teenagers. I don't serve alcohol to childrens).

We also had bites of dessert, which turned out really charming. I made cherry chocolate vanilla bean mini cupcakes with whipped cream on top, and I cut up an angel food cake into bite sized pieces and topped it with homemade Hood strawberry jam. Bailey made some delicious brownies and cut them into bite sized pieces. It was a yummo spread and JUST what we had in mind - people could hold their drink to walk around and just grab a bite or two of dessert here and there, instead of carrying a plate around as well. It was nice.

And now, some memories I will treasure (click to view larger):


Megan @ Apple House Revival said...

Very sweet! The cupcake paper covers are brilliant! I love that yellow bench!

Geneva said...

Thank you! I got the cupcake wrapper idea on Pinterest, and I refinished that bench myself. It sat on my mother-in-law's front porch for thirty years, and she gave it to me when James and I got married. Now, it sits in my kitchen (normally), and my kids sit on it to eat their meals :)