Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stay. Home. Please.

Here's a rarity on Blooming - a genuine rant. I never do this, but I have had ENOUGH. Feel free to skip it.

Still here?

Alrighty then:

"So WHAT if my kid is sick!" you may think. "I don't feel like keeping him home, and other people's kids are THEIR PROBLEM."

And, well, I suppose that's true.

So you take your sick, feverish, coughing child to, say, that evening physical activity class, and that child participates in class with a bunch of other kids, including my kid, who is susceptible to upper respiratory infections anyway. Granted - we've established, that's MY PROBLEM. Just so you know, you've just sentenced me and my family to the following:

The next day, the J-bird will come down with the same illness your child had at class. Tons of snot, fever, and then the cough that makes every mother's heart stop. That cough that goes on until he chokes and retches. The cough that goes on all day and all night for a full week before it finally starts to slack. That's a full week of steam and medicine and propping up on pillows repeatedly in the night (all night) and filling and washing and filling and washing the humidifier (That'd be me, doing all of that. It is my job, but you just clocked me in for overtime. Thanks.)

And then, despite all our heroic efforts, Miss V gets it. And there's snot everywhere. And the horrifying cough until she retches. And the night waking with confused, heartbreaking crying through the coughing and the retching and the snot. Repeat all the caretaking measures, but for a three year old who understands nothing and won't cooperate.

I'm on a second week of no sleep at this point. Thank you for that. I'm so glad you were able to get out of the house for that evening. 

They're relatively upright during the DAY, of course, so there's no relaxing on the couch or drowsing around for them or me. Oh no. It's no sleep at night, and then full bore, regularly scheduled programming during the day. Except they're CRANKY. And COUGHING.

And then, James comes down with it. He's an adult, so it's not as severe, but still.

And then, just as we start to equalize, the J-bird wakes in the night to tell me his ear hurts. The two of us are up all night, and then he begins to vomit from the pain of the ear infection before the doctor's office opens in the morning.

So yes, it's my problem. And we can talk about how they are children, and children get sick, and we're building immunity, and that's so great. But my daughter is coughing until she can't breathe, and my son has pus pouring out of his ear, because you couldn't keep your feverish, obvious-to-everyone ill child home from an optional activity.

I realize I'm probably overly sensitive to this, because I have asthma, and because my son is prone to respiratory infections. My friends already think I'm a psycho about germs, and I know they roll their eyes at me. I just think it's rude. When my kids are very sick, I keep them home. If they are borderline, I warn whomever we are going to be with, so they have the option of saying, "No thanks." I'm not talking about sequestering children with little runny noses. No one would ever leave the house. My kids get colds, and that's fine. Everyone gets sick. It's annoying, but it's life. But if your little one is that ill - fever, coffee percolator cough, etc -, for the love of all that is holy, WHY WOULD YOU SHARE THE WEALTH?! And beyond that, why would you make them go out, when they should be in bed with cuddles?

Alright, rant over. Please pardon this overly tired old mother. I promise more cute babies and sunshine tomorrow.

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