Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yo, Pops

First, there was this guy. He's my dad, and he's pretty great. He taught me what to look for and what I was worth. He talked to me like a person, even when I was little. He may have traveled a lot for work, but to me, he was present. He taught me how to interview for a job, how to firmly shake hands, how to make a budget (that one took me a while to master). I've seen my dad shed tears three times in my life, twice for serious reasons, and once when my cat - a cat he really did not like - got run over. He wasn't crying over the cat, but because my little eight-year-old heart was just broken. That's my dad. He's not perfect, but he is kind and he is loving and I happen to know that we're lodged in one another's hearts pretty securely. Always have been, always will be.

I grew up and married someone an awful lot like him. Sweet, loving, practical, hard working, with a great handshake. And he'd probably shed some tears over a weeping child's beloved cat (if we had a cat instead of asthma and allergies around here). I knew from the very beginning that James would be a wonderful father, and I was so right. It took him a breath or two to get his Daddy legs, but now he's singing, "Yo ho, yo ho, a Parent's Life For Me" right along, and he's got perfect pitch (well, most of the time. Everyone hits a flat now and again). Watching him play Princess Tea Party with Miss V or build LEGO creations with the J-Bird makes me smile, and having him pull this wagon beside me during the day to day - the nose wiping, taking little people potty, dish washing, laundry doing, trash emptying, etc...etc...etc... as a complete partner means more than I've got words for.

And of course, there's this man, my father-in-law, Jim who helped raise my sweet husband, and who welcomed me into his family with love and kindness and jokes and nicknames. He treats me like another one of his beloved kids, and I adore him.

To these three men I say, Happy Father's Day. Also, you are fantastic, and I love you all very much. You make MY world better by being in it, and you provide amazing examples for my children of strength and kindness in the men they know and love so much. Thank you for that. I hope you get to do what you like best today - play golf, ride the Harley, catalog your Garbage Pail Kids know, whatever. Mwah.

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