Friday, July 19, 2013

The Weirdest of Als

 In this family, we love good music, and that means Weird Al. As my father has said on many an occasion, Weird Al is a musical genius. Shut up. It's true.

Anyway, Weird Al played a concert at the zoo last night, and that was NOT to be missed, so I picked the J-bird up from Farm Camp (more on that later), cleaned him up, drove to pick James up from work, jumped on the highway and headed to the zoo.

 We had to park in satellite parking and take the shuttle (of course), because EVERYONE LOVES WEIRD AL.


 People in Portland have excellent musical taste. The joint was packed.

 It was also quite sunny. I had packed us a picnic supper, so we ate that, then James bought us some fruit sorbet (delicious). The kids took turns needing to go potty, and we walked them around when they got bored.

 We did our best to keep cool

 And then the concert started! James and I saw Al in concert in 2000, when we had just started dating. His sister, Lucy took us to a concert, and we had so much fun. It was wild to see him perform again after 13 years - this time with our two children in tow. It was both kids' first concert, and they really enjoyed it, though the J-bird was very tired from day camp. We alternated taking kids down close to the stage, so they could see right up Al's nose. That man can sure put on a show. He played all our favorites, and we have MANY.

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