Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kansas: Installment 1. Welcome, This Is A Farmhouse

 Every year since I got married, I've gone back to Kansas for a long visit during the summer. Even when the kids were infants, I packed up their little duds and all their gear and made the trip to make sure we kept the connections with our dear ones back in the Midwest alive and vibrant. We spent three weeks this year, visiting family and friends in the beautiful Sunflower State. The kids and I flew out on July 27th, and this year, Miss V got the window seat on the flight out. She was quite thrilled.

 Though the thrill eventually wore off. It's a loooooooong flight.

 We stayed for the first couple of weeks with my parents on their farm near Lawrence, the town I grew up in. Their farm is lovely and great for kids - swings, dogs, a play house, a pool, gorgeous flower beds, an impossible vista of stars at night, a beautiful valley view, and so much wonderful quiet (at least when my children are sleeping). It's always nice to be there. We have weenie roasts and play outside, watch thunderstorms roll in, and ram around the old farmhouse my folks have restored. The kids remember all their toys each time we visit, and I'm pretty sure they end up having played with every single thing in their rooms by the time we leave.

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