Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kansas, Installment 6: Friends and Allies

 We focused the majority of our visit on family, of course, but I always like to touch base with old friends when I'm in Kansas as well. I lived there until I got married and moved away, and lots of my besties live in the area, so playdates are always in order for Mama and for the kiddos. In addition to the folks I ran into along the way, (Hi Michelle and Ami and Cory!) we saw my dear Laura and her darling L a couple of times, and we also got a bit of time in with my good friend, Tracy.  We met her and her three sweethearts at an indoor playground for a couple hours of running around and climbing (Well, the kids did that part. It looked exhausting. We mothers sat and chit-chatted, which was fantastic.)

Oh to friendships, old and new!

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