Monday, August 26, 2013

Kansas, Installment 4: Of Malls and Mowing and Family Photos

 We spent our last few days with my parents enjoying every last minute. Mom and I took the kids to the mall in Topeka. We did a little shopping, and we let the kids do all the little kid activities the mall had to offer. It ended up being pretty fun.

 My sister, Emma sat with the kids for a few hours one afternoon, so I could go for a Harley ride with my Dad. The three of them had a buh-LAST, and so did I.

 And my dad took the kids for a ride on the big mower.

We had a wonderful visit, such a sweet and lovely time together. It always hurts to wave goodbye and drive down the road at the end, but James was coming to join us, and we were all more than ready to see him. It was time to reunite, so we packed up our things and away we went to spend a joyful time with my dear in-laws before heading on home to Oregon. Thank you, Mom and Dad, Joey and Denny, Emma and Olivia and Tassi. We love you and miss you always.

We did hook back up with my family once more after James came into town, to take some family photos, and we got this. Isn't it great? I particularly love what my little J-bird decided to do with his glasses, just as the camera began to flash. *sigh* As my dad says (lovingly), "There's one in every crowd." At any rate, I'm very glad to be part of this particular crowd, even if my kid is currently the "one" ;). Love you guys.

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