Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time For A Project

 I have this weird little partial wall in my kitchen that I've never quite known what to do with, decor-wise. I've used it to hang home-school stuff on. It has hosted high chairs, when we had babies. I've hung various things on it, but nothing has really lasted. I've been mulling over a big statement piece, and I decided to go for it, using some scrap wood and paint I already had. What's there to lose, right?


I had this paneling left over from my bathroom re-do, so I put it together and reinforced it with some pieces going cross-wise on the back. I stuck them on with wood glue (which got messy - I made a couple of mistakes. Oh well, you don't see the back), and then, once that was dry, I used very small nails to secure the whole thing together.

I painted the panel blue (with a little green on the bottom), and then I cut letters out of tape (which also happened to be blue). If you decide to do this, you should probably use pre-made letters, because this part was time consuming. If I were a thinking woman, I'd have gotten some peel-and-stick letters, buuuuuuuut I did it this way instead. 

Once the letters were stuck on, I spray painted over everything with some yellow spray paint that I had left over from painting the bench in my kitchen. Once it was dry, I peeled off the tape letters, and then I sanded the whole thing down with my palm sander until I liked how worn it looked.

Then I hung it up.

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