Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ballerina, You Must've Seen Her...

Miss V has been talking about taking dance class for MONTHS. We had to wait until she turned three, and then we had to wait until the Fall classes started. When registration opened up, we were only able to get on the wait list at the dance studio in our town, so I held my breath a little bit, but a spot opened up (hooray), so after we all dropped the J-bird off for his first day of school yesterday, Miss V and I saw James off late for work, and then I got my girl all swathed in pink for her first dance class. You might say she was elated. You might be understating things by a factor of a hundred.

She officially adores her teacher, Miss Patty, and I officially adore watching Miss V have zero clue what she's doing, but make up for it by enthusiastically shaking her can and admiring herself in the full-length mirror. This may become my favorite forty five minutes of the week.

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