Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Time Bike Boy - and Girl!

 The J-Bird is ready to ride without his training wheels, but, like all new things, he was very nervous about it, and he requires a process. What can I say? He's a little bureaucrat. My friend, Kristy used to work at a camp for kids to learn how to ride bikes, so she's doing the teaching (at his insistence - ha!), and he's loving every second and having a blast (And before anyone jumps on me about these photos, I am aware that he loosened the strap on his helmet. It has been fixed.)

 I bought Miss V a big girl bike a while ago, thinking she'd jump on it next summer. Surprise, surprise - Little Miss will not be outdone. She fell down right away, cried, and then said, "I want to try again!" That's my girl.

Big doins

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