Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello...Is It Me You're Lookin' For?

 I never meant to do it. I went to the ReStore with Amy that day only meaning to LOOK at stuff. But there it was in the giant file of doors, and I just....fell in love.
 (Yes, I realize that I am a ridiculous person. I'm comfortable with my choices.)

I scored this old wood door (WITH WINDOW and AWESOME LOCK) for ten bucks. That's right, just ten American dollars. It isn't every day you find the absolute love of your life (sorry, James) crammed in the back row of a bunch of old, dirty doors, so this trip to the ReStore was...well, it was pretty great. (PS. Visit the ReStore. I want to move in)

 First of all, this thing was filthy, so I scrubbed it down. Miss V tried to "help", but she has ants in her pants, and that was a disaster, so I made her just watch. Once it was clean, I scraped the paint off the hardware and hit the whole thing hard with my sander. Underneath the putty-colored paint that had been slopped onto it was a bright tangerine color. There was also some yellow in there somewhere, and deep below, the bare wood. Be still, my heart. It needed...something though, so I went back to the ReStore for a little paint. I picked up some gray-blue and brushed on a light coat. After it was dry, I hit that baby hard with my sander again. The whole thing ended up looking like a sunrise. I may have clapped and capered around my garage. Maybe. Probably.

And then I turned it sideways and hung it on my living room wall. This effort required a team, because the love of my life is, as it turns out, extraordinarily heavy and awkward. Le sigh. Perfection.

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