Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Knock Knock

Well, it's been a summer. Not quite the lazy, barefoot-kids-all-day, tons-of-quality-time-together summer I'd envisioned, but things don't always go the way we plan, do they? And we can stamp our feet and whine, or we can look around and be incredibly thankful for what we've got. The truth is that I over-planned the sucker. I didn't mean to, but I did. From Vacation Bible School to throwing surprise garden parties to Farm Camp to our road trip to California to the amazing time we spent out at the beach house in Lincoln City to our three weeks in Kansas, concerts and play dates and running from thing to wonderful thing to thing...it's been great (aside from a couple of bad summer colds), and it's been fun, but it's been WILD. I decided to take the last couple of weeks with the kids to just.breathe. No lessons, very little errand running (unless we wanted to), lots of playing and napping and watering our garden and reading books together. We've giggled and told ridiculous knock-knock jokes and bickered a little (sometimes a lot), and I realized that amongst all the "busy", we really DID have a lot of fun and togetherness this summer. There was time with friends, there was lots of playing outside and grilling food on the back patio grill and even some pajama-clad-couch-potato days in there. I even found time, (though it took several weeks of slicing off sections of days) to paint a giant mural on a wall at church. I'm grateful. I think - no - I KNOW, that we needed this. We needed these two weeks of putting on the brakes, and I needed the perspective shift. And now we're ready for school to start.

If you read here often, you know that I taught my J-bird at home for pre-school and Kindergarten. After some thought and research, James and I decided to send him to a Montessori school this year, and he attended there at the school's request for the last six weeks of last school year (in the Spring), so he could acclimate. That served a few good purposes. 1. It helped him adjust to a new place, which was helpful for a little boy who doesn't like change at ALL. 2. It let us and the administrators and teachers know if Montessori would be a good fit for him (It is). And 3. It's making this transition NOW much, much easier. Had we not done that six weeks in the Spring, I would be a disaster right now. And yes, I know that's ridiculous. The boy is six years old. Most mothers send their children to school when they are two or three, but I didn't, and I'm a weenie, so this is tough for me. You may commence the mocking forthwith. HE is fine with it. He's got typical back-to-school jitters, but he's excited to see his teacher and his friends. I don't put my weirdness on him. Never fear.

We went to the store and picked out a new shirt for his first day, along with some good stuff for his lunches. He gets to take a plant for his classroom, which is neat. I'll put up a photo, of course, just like every other proud Mommy blogger. Probably through a film of tears, but you can just ignore that silliness.
(This photo is a few days old, but you get the idea...Countdown!)

My sweet Miss V will be starting her first dance class on the same day that the J-bird goes back to school. She can barely contain her joy, and it is ADORABLE. Her little pink duds are just swoon-worthy - really - I die. She and I have a wonderful time together when the J-bird is at school. I mean, we always do, but our concentrated time together is really fun. We get into a nice rhythm with our days - some learning time, some playing time, some time focused on each other, and some time on our own. She's my shadow, my darlin', and this time with her is a gift.

I'm not sure why, but I feel as though I will remember this summer always. The summer when my children were three and six. The summer when we were SO busy. The summer we laughed so much - remember that? Remember? The summer Miss V told that silly knock-knock joke that ends with "You don't have to cry! It's jus' a JOKE!" over and over and over again...remember? And the J-bird read two Captain Underpants books in one day and then moved on to Calvin and Hobbes...remember? It was that summer when we got to see the Beckers all the time, because they lived just down the road, and James, you built the J-bird's awesome loft bed while we were in Kansas, and I scored that fantastic headboard for Miss V on Craigslist that looked just like Cinderella's carriage. Oh...don't you remember? It was the summer my camera went into the duck pond in Kansas, remember how awful? And that was the summer the J-bird got his glasses! And Miss V grew so tall! Oh man...I'll never forget...It goes so fast. It just goes so fast. I don't want to forget it.

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