Monday, September 2, 2013

Nature Lesson

 We were playing in the back yard the other day when the exterminator came to spray for bugs and check the rodent bait stations. He's a really nice guy who comes once a month, and I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking down two bird nests on my grape arbor. The baby birds are all hatched and fledged, and the big birds keep eating my grapes and nearby tomatoes. Otherwise, I'd leave them be. He was happy to oblige, and he was also happy to show the nests to my kids, including the egg in one nest that didn't hatch. The kiddos were fascinated and really wanted to touch them, but he patiently explained that they should not. Miss V really wanted  to know if a baby bird would come out of that egg if we cracked it open. She was pretty adamant that we should give it a try, but the smell would have driven us inside for the day, so we didn't go for it. It was a cool lesson on the way birds make their nests. Nature is so cool.

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