Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We're Not Bored

 My kids are little, and they're often ravenously hungry before their dad gets home from work, so we miss out on that wonderful sitting-around-the-supper-table-together ideal a lot, because I go ahead and feed them rather than a) give them a late snack and then watch them not eat their supper, or b) make them wait and deal with grouchy children and ridiculous suppers. They try their best, but they're small, and it's not a big deal. We eat together as often as we can, and we make up the family time in other ways - like board game nights.

 Quelf Jr. is our current (silly) favorite.

We play other games too though. And just for the record books, this is what my three year old daughter's face looks like when she narrowly loses to her father at Chutes and Ladders:
I don't think we need to wonder whether or not she has a competitive streak.

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