Friday, November 1, 2013

Howling At The Moon

 This was the first year that I didn't hand-craft Halloween costumes for the kids. I bought a Mario costume for the J-bird when he saw it at Goodwill (new in package) for $10, and we found a Princess Peach costume for Miss V online. They are convinced that these cheap-o, terribly made costumes are the best costumes they've ever worn, ever. *sigh*. FINE. Anyway, we just went with it. I had a power flower on my shirt, and James had a question mark power up block on his shirt. The kids were very, very excited that we were all going as a group theme.

Our first stop was the Downtown Forest Grove Merchant Trick or Treat: All the downtown merchants hand out candy to trick or treaters for a couple of hours, and the whole town goes. It's great.

Our church friends put on the as well.

We grabbed some supper and headed on home, and then we went out to trick or treat our own neighborhood.
 (My jack-o-lantern)

 We started with Aunt Amy's house :)

And then we wandered the neighborhood until we got tired and the kids' buckets were full.

Eventually, we came home, surveyed the (ridiculously huge) haul, and handed out some candy ourselves. It was a pretty great night.

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