Saturday, December 7, 2013

Decorating Maggie's Christmas Tree

 We have a couple of favorite local hangouts, and one of them is, without question, Maggie's Buns. It's a great little bakery/eatery run by a righteous lady named Maggie Pike who is known for her cinnamon buns, among other delicious things. We go on Saturday mornings as a family, and Miss V and I usually go in during the week for scrambled eggs or something after we drop the J-bird at school. Sometimes lunch also. There's nothing bad to eat there, is what I'm trying to say. At any rate, we're there often enough, and we live in a small enough town that we're familiar-ish with Maggie, so when we showed up for breakfast this morning, and she was getting ready to decorate her Christmas tree, she invited the kids (and Amy's big kid, Brent, and another friend, Mira) to help...orrrrrr....take over. They were only too delighted to oblige, and she ended up sending them home with some castoff decorations and some gigantic smiles of delight. It was pretty, pretty great.

Thanks, Maggie. You made my kids' day (as usual).

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