Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In the Still Of The Night

Christmas Eve has come and gone. In fact, it has been Christmas for about thirty minutes now. I always like to sit here after everyone has gone to bed and enjoy the stillness and the calm of the night before the wild rumpus of Christmas morning. It's like the eye of the glitter storm :)

We had a lovely evening. We joined the Beckers for their traditional prime rib supper, and we exchanged gifts with them, and then we went to our church's Christmas Eve service, where my children's choir sang "O Holy Night" (They worked really hard, and I was so proud!). We came home, and the kids put on the Christmas jammies, and then they put out an apple for Rudolph and cookies for Santa. They wrote him a note this year too (preeeeetty cute). They put a special key on the door for Santa as well, since our fireplace is fake. Then, we put the little Jesus in the nativity set, and I told them the manger story. We used to do that on Christmas morning, but they're way too excited about presents to pay attention then. It's so fun to watch our traditions grow and take shape. We take bits and pieces of our own childhood traditions and add them into the things that work best and strike us as most beautiful about the childhoods we see growing in front of us. 

And now, I'm going to bed. These little stinkers will be up at the crack of dawn. Merry Christmas.

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