Friday, December 20, 2013

Zoo DeLights

 This Holiday season is galloping along at breakneck speed, and I feel like I'm being dragged along behind it. Like so many of my fellow mothers, I set myself up for this, with sky-high expectations of twinkly holiday perfection. My to-do list is four hundred miles long and so daunting, I could weep, but I'm always so bound and determined to make memories, and I can usually pull it off, because I HAVE AN IRON WILL. This year, however, I've spent the entire month of December with a cough that won't quit, and it decided to turn into walking pneumonia in the last week. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! Soooooo, I'm pretty tired. I don't generally knuckle under to illness, but...I'm pretty tired. I'm trying to keep up, and I'm failing spectacularly at it. My house looks like the seventh circle of Hoarder Hell. My kids are watching WAY too much TV. The gifts aren't wrapped yet. Gingerbread houses just aren't going to be made this year. But I'm trying to keep the important plates spinning. There are some non-negotiable holiday events that I'm gathering up the energy for, and Zoo Lights is one of them. We went last night with our Beckers, and it was a freezing cold delight, as always.

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