Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time Passing

Several months ago, James and I decided that we will not be having any more babies. There are lots of factors that went into our decision - I've had two c-sections, and the second one was difficult, we're really enjoying life with slightly older kids, time, our age, brain power, personal choice, etc... Mainly, when we look at our family, we feel like the gang's all here. Anyway, we put a lot of thought into it, sat on our decision for a while, and then closed the door on that part of our lives.

So now, I'm passing along all of the baby things that I was keeping "just in case". There are some items that I'll keep - a few pieces of sweet clothing, the little baby bathtub, the antique potty chair - but there's no point in keeping most of it, when it can be used by others. This week, I'm giving our crib to a friend for her little son. I pulled it out of the garage to make sure I had all the pieces before passing it on to little Max, and I was flooded with memories of my own babies. I ran my hand over the marks on the wood where they both cut tiny teeth. I remembered all the middle-of-the-night hours, rocking them and then easing their sleep heavy bodies back into the crib. Baby time is precious and fleeting, and I'm happy with our decision - it's the right one - but I had a pang of nostalgia, all the same. I took a moment, and then I set the pieces of the crib aside for Max, who needs it. And I went back inside to be with my big kids.

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