Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Snow

Our "snow day" turned into several days of being snowed in. We ended up with about a foot of snow - fairly rare for our little corner of the world. "Snowed in" isn't really accurate, actually. We could leave, but most everything's been closed. Restaurants, churches, schools - even the MAX line closed down due to the weather. James and the kids have been in HEAVEN. There's been lots and lots of playing out in the snow (with all the donning and doffing of snow clothing that requires - "Raaaalphie! I caaaan't get uuuuup!"), two snow forts in the back yard, homemade hot chocolate, snow cones made from real snow, ice marbles (water and food coloring frozen in balloons), and the Beckers trekking over from a few blocks away to hang out with us. We all laugh and watch the Olympics on TV and make food and eat like we're going into hibernation because of all this cold - not exactly like the pioneers.

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