Thursday, May 1, 2014


 I've had an avalanche of photos to go through from the month of April, and I'm just now getting to them, but it's nice to revisit what a sweet month it was - starting with Miss V's fourth birthday.

 She had a wonderful day on her actual birthday. She opened gifts throughout a day full of fun. James went in to work late, so that the two of us could take her out to breakfast. She had ballet class. We had lots of great one on one time. That evening, we went out to supper with our dear Beckers. We even got Amy's parents (who we adore) to join us as an added bonus - hooray!

That weekend, we threw Miss V a birthday party at BJs, the coffeehouse she and I go to every week. It was so sweet. The kids decorated hats, drank hot chocolate cups, and ate wonderful pastries that the manager (and our pal), Emma and BJ had ordered in for us. 

 (I put velcro on the hats and on decorations. Some of the other decorations had clips, which made them even easier to attach. The kids really loved this craft, and it was super simple to do and clean up.)

 The hot chocolate "tea parties" were a big hit

 Candle time!

She was so happy, she turned somersaults :)

Sometimes, it seems like the time goes by fast enough to make my head spin. Already, my girl is four years old - my baby. She delights me, she really does. I'm so thrilled that her birthday delighted her.

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