Monday, June 2, 2014


 My birthday was very sweet this year. It was the same weekend as Mother's Day (I know I've fallen behind on my blogging again), and James and the kids went WAY overboard to make it amazing. There were wonderful, thoughtful gifts, my ninth annual birthday zoo trip, a trip to Whiskey Fest NW in Portland, and a precious, precious song that my children had written for me for Mother's Day. All in all, it goes on my list of best birthdays, for sure.

So...36. The downhill side of my 30s. I can't say I mind, really, but I do occasionally marvel a little to myself about how quickly the time is going. 16 doesn't seem that long ago, but it's been 20 years. I've been out of high school for as long as it took me to graduate. College ended 13 years ago. I've been dating James for more than a third of my life.

And my life is full, which is why I don't mind the time passing. I have a husband who challenges and loves me, and who I love so much in return, children I adore, friends who make me laugh and lift me up, work that I find deep and sustaining happiness in, hobbies that fulfill me. I don't find time for everything. The laundry never seems to be done. There's always some corner of the house that remains unfinished, disorganized, and imperfect - kind of like me, I suppose. But my life is a work in progress, and I'm...well, I'm progressing.

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