Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Farm Camp

So both my kids are going to day camp at the Ox Hill Homestead this year. It's five days of learning about animals and bugs and plants and playing in the creek and the dirt and riding horses and milking cows and gathering eggs and getting completely filthy dirty every day.

They are having a total blast. Every morning, they are so excited to go, and every afternoon, when I pick them up, they are full of stories. I bring a cooler in the car with popsicles and juice, and they tell me all about camp on the way home : They painted some wood for a birdhouse and then got to HAMMER THE NAILS. They gathered eggs, and Miss V broke some. They climbed a big, big hill. They built a "tree house" from some giant sticks and gave it an imaginary "self destruct" button. They listened to a story in a tipi. Some girl called Miss V a "scaredy cat" and tried to trip her, but the J-bird said, "HEY! THAT'S MY SISTER!!" and put paid to THAT mess. They are making friends with kids they've never met before. They are ruining many fine pairs of socks and jeans.

They are gone from 9-4 every day, and it is bizarre to be without them. Both children are fine and have zero anxiety about it, and I'm glad that they are that secure and independent. And me? I'm having a little vacation. Some quiet time just for myself, to do only what I want. It doesn't seem so very long ago that the kids were tiny, and the very idea of being completely alone for any stretch of time seemed impossible and foreign. The time is nice, if I'm being really honest.

And, for the sake of honesty, I'm very, very glad to see my two little dirt balls at 4:00 each afternoon.

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