Monday, July 7, 2014


When I was a kid, my dad built a playhouse in the back yard for my brother and me. We loved that thing - seriously. Such amazing memories. I've wanted to build one ever since the J-bird was little bitty, but it takes some doing - planning and skill and lots of work. The work, I can do. The planning, I can manage, I think. The skill...well... Luckily for me, my dad was willing to fly out from Kansas to head up the build team, and my husband is good humored and willing to help with whatever needs doing. It started with a list of supplies. The J-bird and I headed to Parr Lumber to order everything, and it was all delivered the day before my dad arrived.

Next, we headed to the airport to pick up Papa!

The next day, we got to work, work, WORK. We had two days to build this thing.

The three of us worked steadily - even through a brief downpour of rain - a fact I'm sure my neighbors really appreciated (haha). We got a LOT done in a short period of time.

By the end of the first day, we had the floor and all four walls up, plus the siding put on. It was so exciting, that we took Dad out to supper to celebrate. And then, we all crashed from exhaustion.

On Day 2, we had to get the roof up. My dad worked as a roofer when he was younger, so he knows his business.

We got the rafters up, as well as the supports for the porch, and then Dad put the roof on. We hung the door, and then we did the last detail things that we had time for.

The children were delighted.

 We lit the firepit and relaxed outside, and Dad read the kids a sweet bedtime story. We all felt so amazingly lucky that he was willing to come out and do this with and for us. What a gift!

In the week since, my pastor came over to help me hang a gutter and downspout, to make sure we don't cause any puddles in my neighbor's side yard

And I laid a stepping stone path. I also painted the siding the same color as our house. My mom sent a darling mailbox (on the left), and my pal, Amy gave us a cool lantern (hung above). One of our neighbors brought the kids a planter full of flowers for the front porch - so sweet! There's a table and two little chairs inside, and I hung a big board on one of the walls that I will paint with chalkboard paint. I still need to prime and paint the trim and the rafters, and I need to paint the floor and put in the windows. Meanwhile, Miss V and the J-bird are in HEAVEN. They play in their little house every day, and I love watching them make great memories.

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