Saturday, July 19, 2014

Minty Fresh Library Table

 A while back, Amy and I found a cool little wooden library table at a thrift store for ten bucks. It had nasty, old, sticky, dark stain all over it, and the wood on the bottom isn't anything super special, though it has some sweet details, but the TOP is gorgeous. It has an inlaid design that just needed help to be brought back to life.

I sanded all the old, nasty stain off the beautiful top, and then used stripper (Amy helped with the scraping. I hate using stripper) on the rest. This piece is for Amy's new apartment, and she wanted it painted mint, so the bottom of the table got a coat of that shade, and then I distressed it with my sander and then with a sheet of sandpaper. I love using my sander, but sometimes it's easier to get the details by hand.

 Here's how it turned out:

The top got a light coat of polyurethane, but that's it. I love how it looks!

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