Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rocking Chalk

 Work on the playhouse is, of course, ongoing. James has done some caulking and some work on the trim. I've done painting and a few small things. And today, the kids and I finished the big chalkboard. I had a large board leftover from the floor, so I screwed that onto the wall. I sanded it smooth, and then the kids and I primed it. I bought untinted chalkboard paint base. I didn't have it tinted, because I thought I might like to tint portions of it different colors for different projects. For this project, I poured some into a container, added some teal paint I had (the J-bird's choice), and then the J-bird and I painted on two coats, while Miss V was napping. We also painted the little wood table that Amy gave us to put in there. After the paint was dry, The J-bird and I built a little tray for the chalk. It's a very cheerful addition to the inside of the playhouse, I think!

Next up, installing the windows, and painting the floor...

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