Saturday, July 5, 2014

She's a Grand Old Flag...

 We celebrated the Fourth of July in style this year. We started on Thursday, by heading to a Hillsboro Hops game. The Hops won, and then they put on a wonderful fireworks display afterward.

 It was a late night.

 On Friday, James and the J-bird went to a fireworks stand to grab some explosives in the afternoon. I grilled some burgers for supper, and then it was time for sparklers and what passes for fireworks in Oregon (very tame - smoke bombs and fountains).

 Safety first!!

"We're fireworks!!"

 After supper and sparklers, we headed over to our town's big fireworks display. We ran into tons of people we know and had so much fun. The kids got to play and run around for a long time, and then the four of us snuggled on our blanket and watched some beautiful lights in the sky, courtesy of the Fire Department. It was just lovely.

And this morning, we slept in, and then had pancakes. What a weekend, and it's only Saturday!

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