Saturday, August 9, 2014

Buddy's Buddies

 During the last week of school, the J-bird told all his pals that he'd be having a "summer party" over the break. I just kind of...looked at him...and then told him that he should TALK TO ME next time, before telling half the world that his mother will be throwing a big bash. It's been a good while since school let out though, and he was missing his friends, so we invited some of the kids from the lower elementary section of his class over (and an older sibling). Not everyone could come, of course, and his class is tiny, so we ended up with a lovely little group for an afternoon of fun. I made a treasure hunt for them, and they played dress up. They had an apocalyptic water fight. They ate snacks. They played in the playhouse. They rode on all the riding toys and had a "silly contest". Then, they came in the house and made a lot of noise for the last few minutes before their folks came back. The J-bird was thrilled.

As for Miss V, well, she got a special afternoon with her Daddy, who took her out for a shaved ice as big as her head. They went a bunch of other fun places, too, and she was delighted and full of stories when she came home. (We saved her some prizes from the treasure hunt as well. Hooray for giant, novelty sunglasses!)

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