Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Problem, Solved

 In our TV room, we had this little table to hold the remotes for the various video game systems and things that James and the kids play. Over time, the number of remotes has overwhelmed this poor table, resulting in my nemesis: CLUTTER. So I fixed it.

 I purchased this little chest for $15. It had been spray painted drippy metallic silver and stenciled with the words "stop" and "go". It had plastic pulls on the drawers and plastic reflectors glued to it.

But underneath...

It was old and cool. I sanded the spray paint off and then thought about different ways to refinish it. The sides had a couple layers of oil based paint underneath the spray paint, and a) I didn't feel like stripping them, and b) I liked the way it looked when I sanded them down partway. I could've gone to the extra work to make this look like a brand new piece of furniture, but I like the old, beat up look, and this little sister didn't want to be brand new. I decided just to stain the whole thing with a dark stain, including the painted sides, polyurethane the top, and put different pulls on.

It looks old and rustic, and I love it.

And now all those giant plastic remotes have a new home, where I don't have to look at them all the time.

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