Monday, September 1, 2014

So Long, Seattle! On To Lake Crescent.

 After the hustle and bustle of our days in Seattle, we were ready to relax a little. We rolled onto the ferry and headed to Olympic National Park to get a little nature.

 So long, Seattle!

We drove a few hours to get to gorgeous Lake Crescent - a place I would love to revisit. This was by far the most peaceful part of our vacation. We stayed in a lovely little cabin by the lake, went on hikes, took the kids kayaking, hunted for heart shaped rocks, went wading, let the kids run out their energy on the lawn, and just generally enjoyed the relaxation. 

On the last night we were at Lake Crescent, I couldn't sleep, so I wandered outside to look at the stars over the lake. I walked barefoot out onto the dock, and everything was just so...indescribably amazing. The mountains all around, the quiet water, the people talking softly in the lodge behind me, four bazillion stars overhead...I even saw one fall. I snuck back into our cabin and woke the J-bird up to see. I carried him out, piggy-back to where I'd been standing, so I could share that view with him, too. I'd have woken Miss V up, but it had taken her two hours to get to sleep that night, so no WAY I was messing that up.
The next day, we moved on to the coast...

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