Tuesday, September 2, 2014

To The Coast!

 We stayed in Olympic National Park, but left Lake Crescent to head out to the coast for the last stretch of our vacation. On our way, we stopped at the Hall of Mosses. If you are out that way, this is worth a stop. It's a short, lovely hike, and it's just absolutely beautiful. Of course, you may enjoy it better without two crabby children who had to wake up from car naps, but hey, that's all you.

 Thing 1 and Thing 2 powered through and were very sweet. It's hard not to enjoy this much beauty.

 After the Hall of Mosses, we checked in to our cabin at Kalaloch, where we could step out our back door and gaze at the immenseness and power of the Pacific Ocean

There's something about the coast in the Pacific Northwest that just moves me. The beaches are usually cool and sometimes misty or foggy. They are often rocky. The ocean is relentless. It's often windy. The beaches here are definitely not Caribbean. You won't get a tan. Doesn't matter. I could stand or sit out there for hours. We really enjoyed our time at Kalaloch. We went on several beach walks, a nice little hike through the woods, and, as an added wonder, our cabin had a kitchen, so I was able to make our meals. That was nice.

Our Kalaloch cabin had lots of room, so Amy and Bailey road-tripped up to spend the last afternoon and night with us. We had a great time, exploring the tide pools, playing Uno, and just being together.

 We woke up that last morning, packed up all our stuff, and drove to one last lodge at Lake Quinault for a fantastic breakfast together. We walked around the grounds a little and then hit the road, taking the windy coast road this time to head back down to Oregon.

We did the caravan bit down through Washington and into Oregon, stopping in Seaside to grab a snack and stretch our legs. The windy road made our poor little J-bird carsick (not the first time that's happened to him, unfortunately), but that was the only bummer about the haul back home. We pulled back into our house to find it still standing, the vegetables still living (thanks to the neighbor kids, who watered them while we were gone), and my wonderful, beautiful, perfectly comfortable bed ready for me to sleep in it...after unpacking, settling the children, and running all the laundry from our trip, of course.

It was a wonderful, action-packed week - one we won't soon forget. Vacation 2014!

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