Thursday, October 9, 2014

Calm Down Bottle

 I've seen this idea of "Calm Down Bottles" a few places (mainly on Pinterest), and it looked like a fun thing to try, so the kids and I made a few this week. It's super easy - just a smooth-sided bottle of water and glitter glue. We tried it out with small bottles and bigger bottles, and both were fun, but the kids like the bigger bottles best. We also figured out that the more glue you add, the longer it takes to settle (makes sense) and that it needs a good stir after you first add the glue. I used a skewer.

The idea is that you can shake up the bottle and watch all the glitter settle, and it's calming. It actually kind of is.

Miss V mixed pink and purple glitter glues (natch), and the J-bird mixed blue and purple. (These photos are from one of three bottle making sessions.) Also, I super glued the lids on, because I'm not crazy.

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