Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Einstein

 The J-Bird attends a Montessori school that we absolutely LOVE. His teacher is outstanding, and he's part of a tiny little class of kids from grades 1-5. He is thriving there.  Montessori method focuses on empowering children, so Montessori schools can seem kind of "hands off" when it comes to parental involvement. It's all about the children and what THEY can do. The J-bird's school makes use of parents in a lovely way though, by inviting some of us to contribute in ways that we are able (or qualified) to do. Some folks bring in special foods to contribute when the kids have a cooking lesson. Someone may come in a give a talk on a country they've visited. One of the students has a dad who presents a science lesson once a week that inspires further experimentation and work for the kids until he comes back.

I am privileged to teach music once a week. I do have a music degree, and I've taught music to children for years. I direct two children's choirs. When they asked me to give this a try, I was delighted. This is my second year, and it's just so fun. We work on very basic music theory and some music history, we sing together, and, when they have a program coming up, I help with that.

Like tonight.

Every year, around Halloween, the kids in the Elementary class do a Biography Timeline, where they choose a historical character and put together a short piece about them to recite that ends with, "Who am I?..." and the name of whomever they are describing. It's adorable. That's always followed by the preschoolers singing a few adorable (and I mean ADORABLE) songs, and then illumination of the pumpkins everyone has carved before the program starts. It's precious. This year, because the class is so small, the J-Bird's teacher asked to add a song, so we did. The kids were FANTASTIC and had a blast - you could tell they were so proud of themselves.

AND MY J-BIRD played Albert Einstein. One of his lines was, "When I was young, people thought I acted oddly!" I giggled every single time he said it.

This kid. He was very concerned with looking as much like Albert as possible. He really wanted me to dye his hair white and get him a mustache, but we went with crazy hair and a suit and called it good. Watching him with his friends, I could just smile at how grown up he's getting. I mean...he will always be my baby. I don't care if he's 63 years old. I'm going to force him to sit on my lap and give me snuggles. HE CAN DEAL. But he be-bopped all around, laughing and goofing off and showing everyone his silly hair, and James and I just watched and shook our heads. And then took away the second cookie he snuck from the snack table afterward. Because come on. :)

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