Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkining and 13 Years

 And traditions...we have a few. Each year, on the first Saturday of October, we go to the pumpkin patch. We go to the same pumpkin patch, because it's adorable, and we love it, and it has a train AND a boat, and the prices are completely reasonable, so you don't have to just dump out your wallet to go there. This year, Amy and the kids met us there and surprised the J-bird and Miss V.

We rode the train out to the pumpkins, let the kiddos run around the little hay maze, picked out our pumpkins, rode the boat back in to the barn, took all our yearly photos, and just had a wonderful time.

As I write this and look at that last photo, I remember October 6th, 13 years ago, when our family looked a little different :

The intervening years seem like a blink and an era, simultaneously. Some of those years have been easy. Some have been difficult. That's marriage. That's life building. I think about those two starry-eyed twenty three year olds and smile about everything in front of them. Then I think about these two thirty six year olds. Our eyes are a little more tired these days, but we're still in love, and I think we see each other more clearly and love one another more honestly than we could have thirteen years ago. Plus, now we get to share all that love with two hilarious, ornery, sweet babies.

That's pretty great.

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