Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To Be Four

 Age four is very, very different than age three. While some of the same frustrations are there for Miss V, communication has opened up even wider, and it's a whole new world of discovery, fun, and adventure. She's such a fun kid to be around - sweet, genuine, hilarious and kind. I see her through a mother's eyes, I know, but I just adore her, and our time together while the J-bird is at school is precious.

 During our home pre-school time, we take a Montessori-esque approach, with works set out in our classroom space for Miss V to choose from each day. This works well with her, because she's really independent, and she enjoys working that way (with guidance and supervision, of course). We also do some workbooks, early reading and writing, music, and arts and crafts. We have playdates and outings, and she'll start swimming lessons later this month.

I love her so!

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