Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Musical, funny, kind, loving, curious, inventive, brave, loud, emotional, independent, intelligent, daring, interesting, stubborn, caring, gleeful, her own self.

I adore her so.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Potter and the Friendly Ghost

 For Halloween this year, the J-bird dressed as Harry Potter and Miss V dressed in the costume she has been set on for months: a friendly ghost - the white sheet kind, with cutouts for her pigtails. We think she got the idea from running around with a blanket over her head, a game she and the J-bird find hilarious. Wherever it came from, it was awfully cute.

The j-bird gave me a few smiles

and then, I got this series of faces from the little lady:

 She is nothing, if not expressive.

Our little town has a big trick-or-treat event downtown. All the merchants come out and hand out candy, and it's normally a ton of fun.

Unfortunately, the second we pulled up this year, it started pouring BUCKETS of rain. Our sweet new neighbors were meeting us there, and we all had umbrellas and made the most of it, but it was bananas. Of course, as soon as we got back to the car, the rain stopped. Of course. We went home, dried off, threw the costumes in the dryer, had some supper, and asked the kids if they wanted to give trick-or-treating another go. The answer was a resounding "YES!", and the rain was completely over, so we left a bowl of candy on the porch next to our lit jack-o-lanterns, grabbed our neighbors again, and headed out to beg all the neighbors for candy. We had two Harry Potters, a Hermione Granger, a friendly ghost, and a Minnie Mouse (there was a one year old Mickey Mouse who lasted about five houses, too, before he had to go back home to Dad).


When we got back to our street, James hoofed it back to our house to man the door, which meant the kids and I could trick-or-treat our house last. They were delighted! Once we were home, the kids shucked their costumes, sorted their candy, asked how much they could have tonight, and scampered upstairs with their candy to watch a movie with their Daddy, while I handed out candy to the many, many, many trick-or-treaters that come through our neighborhood. We gave away three giant bags of candy this year to too many adorably costumed kids to count.

Oh! And here are our jack-o-lanterns!
 I had Miss V draw any kind of face she wanted on her pumpkin, and I carved it out. We were both pretty thrilled with the result.

 The J-bird carved this one last week at Pumpkin Carving Night/Biography Timeline at his school

And this is the J-bird's "Jailbreak Pumpkin". He saw it in a book, and we copied the concept. He carved the little guy on the inside, and he told me exactly what to carve for the outside.

Here's hoping you had some fun, yourself, kicking off the big season of holidays. Here we go!