Thursday, March 26, 2015

Big Fun on Spring Break

 We decided to go low key for Spring Break this year. No big trips. No big, fancy stuff. No packing and unpacking. Sleeping in our own beds every night. The kids and I slept in for the first three days and just did whatever we felt like doing. I cleaned out the attic. Stuff like that. James took today off work, and we went on a Houx Family Adventure.

We started at the Japanese Garden, which is one of my favorite spots in Portland. It's so beautiful and peaceful there.

 The J-bird got ahold of map on the way in, and he read that sucker from front to back, announcing each bridge and rock there was to see. It was very sweet.

After the garden, we stopped for pizza, and then we headed to Ground Kontrol for some pinball and other arcade games. It was major big time fun.

 And now, a little rest before we all go hiking with pals tomorrow. More fun!

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